Metallic Taste

When browsing partywear I always find myself drawn to the pieces that glitter and gleam, to brocade minis, bodycon dresses in champagne gold, or lost-member-of-Slade-style silver boots. There’s something enticingly remote about shiny fabrics. They seem to gesture towards other places or times, whether recalling Medieval armour or looking forward to the cocktail hour. I love very structured pieces, the stiff leather and embroidered blazers which evoke spacesuits or military regalia. They’re solid, purposeful, yet utterly distinct from everyday life. Then there’s the shimmer and slink of the softer garments, all light and movement like a glimpse of something ghostly. Try and get close to metallics and you cloud their shine. (Try and photograph them and be confronted with a Hall of Mirrors-style selfie.) To fascinate and yet elude: the definition of glamour. Here are three shiny pieces I’d like to own.

Metallic Silver Tinsel Mini Skirt by Jaded London at Topshop


Metallic closet square jacquard dress
Closet Square Jacquard Dress from John Lewis


Metallic lulu guinness cr
Silver Mirror Perspex Lips Clutch by Lulu Guinness